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040 - How To End 2023 Successfully - Gratitude & Goals

November 29, 2023 James Mayer
Life Is Sound
040 - How To End 2023 Successfully - Gratitude & Goals
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In this episode of Life is Sound, host James delves into how we can successfully wrap up 2023 and prepare for the new year. He emphasizes the power of gratitude in setting goals, clearing out both physical and digital spaces to foster a clear mindset, and breaking down goals into actionable steps. James encourages listeners to design their ideal selves, embrace a mindset of possibility, and harness the transformative power of gratitude and intention. Join us as we explore the mindset shifts and internal changes essential for lasting impact, regardless of the challenges faced. Remember, life is good, life is sound.

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Hello good people, and welcome back to Life is Sound. With me, your host, James Mayer. I hope you're good, I hope you're well, I hope you're blessed. And if not, how can we get you back to feeling all of those things? Now, it's that time. We're wrapping up the year. We're going to be moving into the new year, and a lot of us are going to be designing goals that a lot of the time we don't stick to. So how do we end this year, 2023, in the best way possible and set ourselves up for success in the year to come? Now, often when we think about goals for the new year, we think about things in a lack mindset, things that we don't have, things that we want to attain. A lot of us want to drop habits that we don't want to keep hold of. But a lot of the time we think from a fear based perspective. And before we set goals for 2024, I would really love you to think about the year you've just had and look at moments where you are grateful for certain things, memories that have been amazing, opportunities that have presented themselves to you that you didn't think were possible. And when we get in the repetition of gratitude, when we look at all the things that we're grateful for, that sets us in a great place to create new goals. Because when you are full of gratitude. You'Re operating from your heart space. When you are grateful for the things that you have in life, you start to bring yourself in alignment for future goals. If you're in a mindset of lack, you're often thinking from a place of fear. If you're in a fear mindset, there's. A danger that you're going to cause. Some type of lack. For example, if you are fearful about trying something new and you don't try it, you will be lacking opportunity in your life. Lack and fear are often related and the two feed each other. So I would love you guys to start thinking in a mindset of gratitude for 2023. What are the things that you are grateful for? Write them down, make a list from. The big things all the way to. The small things, everything you can think of. Get it down on paper, in your phone, on your laptop, wherever you can. See a list of everything you are. Thankful for for the past year. And when you feel that energy start to arise, when you feel it turn into emotion, when you think about the. Memories and things you've achieved, opportunities that. Have come your way, embody that, embrace that. And then start setting some goals for next year. Because then you are setting goals from. A place of gratitude rather than fear or lack. Now, another great thing that we can do when we are ushering in a new time is a clear out. And what do I mean by that? A clear out can be in your physical space or with things that you consume. Now a large part of us are consuming social media every single day and we know how toxic that can be. So a big thing I've done at. Some point in the past year was. Going through social media and just removing anything or anyone from my profile that I didn't think was adding to my growth or learning. And when you start to add in things into the ingredients of your social. Media consumption that is helping you grow. As a person, we can use these tools, we can use these platforms to enhance our mindset. When we enhance our mindsets, we think in new ways. And when we think in new ways. We seek out new opportunities or how to attain them with a positive way of thinking where a lot of social. Media can be very low vibrational. And we're consuming these pieces of content. On these platforms that are keeping us. Operating at a very low level. So when I say have a clear out that simply means going through your. Social media and removing things that aren't. Serving you for the highest version of you, for the best version of you. That's what we want to be creating next year, the best version of you and you get to design that. You get to choose who you want to be. So we have the social media clear out and then we have the physical space. Now I know for me when my. Life gets busy and my mind gets busy, I often notice my space starts to look busy around me. And in truth, most of the time. We never feel great when we look. Around and we see untidiness or mess. So it's a great time to not only detox on social media and remove. People out of that diet on social. Media that isn't great for you but it's also a great time to look. At what might need rearranging in your physical space. Maybe a tidy up, maybe a shift of things. But we know time and time again that when our space, when our physical space is clear, our mindset is clear, when our mindset is clear we're going to usher in the next year a lot easier than if we are moving into the year with messiness, with a. Messy mind, with a messy environment. If we can step into that new year with a clear mind then we. Can focus on what we want to. Focus on and that is designing who we want to be in the year to come. So quite often when the new year. Comes a lot of us set goals. And it's really easy to fall victim of not hitting those goals. And when you look at the goals you set I would really like you to delve deep into these goals and break them down. So a really common one when the. New year comes round is a lot of us want to get fit. Active, lose weight. Gym memberships are at an all time. High in January and then a lot of people fall off. And this is simply to do with mindset. Now we have the intention I want. To go to the gym. I want to get fit. And a lot of us don't ask. The questions. That go deeper than I. Want to lose weight. I want to get fit. So when you set your goals, break it down one goal, break it down into five questions or five mini goals. I want to get fit. So how does that look? Who do I need to be to show up as that person? How much time do I need to dedicate? What tools do I require? Who can support me? So when we start asking these questions around the goal, we start to get clearer intention of the direction we need to be moving in. Now, that's a really simple one that a lot of us can relate to going to the gym in January. We've all been there at some point in our lives, and we all know. How it feels when we can fall. Off that path of our goals. But when we break them down, when we ask more questions, when we ferret for more information, we can create better habits. And this is all this is about is creating habits. When you have a goal, the way you attain that goal is creating a habit that gives you forward motion towards it and you consistently behave in that way, when you consistently behave in that. Way, it becomes second nature and before. You know it, you have arrived at that goal. So when we set those New Year's resolutions and we don't quite make them. Happen, it is simply because we have not acted out the habit enough repetition. So that's what we want to be looking at. When you set a goal, jump into that goal and break it down. Ask questions so that goal becomes clearer and you know exactly which direction you're heading in. Now, a lot of us procrastinate, a. Lot of us have things that are. Holding us back and again get asking. Questions, what is stopping me from moving forward into these goals? How do I need to behave to. Be the person that I want to be? How do I need to dress to. Be the person that I want to be? These things you can really start designing who you want to be in whatever way success looks like to you. Coming up. So when you've got your goals for the New Year, you may have some goals that feel really achievable. I'd like you to write down two massive goals, two massive, big goals that you think, I would love to do that next year. The goal that you hear that voice creep in and say, that's not possible. Write it down and I'll tell you why. Because when you get good at being consistent for these smaller goals. When you know how to behave to create the habit of ticking these smaller goals off. Keep saying this, the magic starts to. Happen, and those bigger goals that you told yourself weren't possible start to glimmer in the background, and all of a sudden they look like you might be able to achieve them and attain the things that you thought was outside of the realm of possibilities. So write your goals down from a place of gratitude after you've reflected on the past year and then create some huge goals, some massive goals. Because once you get in the consistent place of acting out and ticking off these smaller goals, the big goals will start to make sense and the ideas will unlock in your mind around how to get there. If you keep up this behaviour and repeat and keep moving forward, your life. Will be completely different. You will be completely different. And how do we do that? Personal transformation. How do we transform ourselves into the. Person that we want to be? Spend some time getting really good at this. Who do you see yourself as when. You are the most successful version of yourself? Who are you surrounded by when you. Are the most successful version of yourself? What car are you driving when you are the most successful version of yourself? When you think about this and operate. In this mindset and start to embody. The feeling of who that person will be, you're tapping into that frequency. And when you tap into that frequency and back it up with behaviour, the magic really does start to shift and change. A really great way to do this is by envisioning those things just before you go to sleep from a place of gratitude. I often like to think about the. Day, the things that have happened, the. Things I'm grateful for in my life. And then when you're in that place. Of gratitude, start to think about the. Life you want to call in just. Before you go to sleep. This is the most powerful time to do that because you can hack your subconscious. And when you hack your subconscious mind to believe the person that you want to be, you will by default start to act like that person. So you get to choose, you get to make these choices. You get to think about and design. The person that you want to be and what your life looks like next. Year if you then stack on top. Of that and then as soon as. You wake up, start to think about things that you're grateful for in the morning and you create these habits over time. Gratitude before you go to sleep and designing who you want to become, programming the subconscious and then backing that up with more gratitude. When you awake, your mindset is going to transform completely. And this is what this game is all about. It is all about mindset. Switches, changes, moving into the right mindset and seeing what is on the horizon and moving towards it. This is what's possible. This is all about mindset and internal. Changes for a lasting impact. So repeat, repeat, repeat. Whatever you tell yourself, you will become whatever you think you shall be. So when you are setting your goals coming up into New Year, instead of thinking about what you've not yet got in that fear, mindset first practise what you already have. And if you're looking back in the past year and you've had a really difficult time and you're thinking, this year has not been good to me, I've been going through adversity after adversity after adversity, you made it, you're still here. You made it. And in that space, if you really think about it, there'll be something you learn along the way. Ask yourself, are you grateful for that thing? What did this time teach me? What did I learn in this process of adversity? So, as we're ending the year, this is where I am practising gratitude. Thinking about what I want to call in for the next year, who I want to be, how I'm going to do it. Break those questions down into multilayered questions. Dive deep into your own mindset and start to meet those shifts by backing it up with action. Let's grow together, guys. This is what we're here for. No matter whether you're going through good times or bad times, it's remembering. Life is good, life is sound. I'll see you on the next one. Stay blessed. Bye.