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039 - Magnetism - Law Of Attraction Solutions

November 22, 2023 Episode 39
Life Is Sound
039 - Magnetism - Law Of Attraction Solutions
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In this captivating episode of "Life Is Sound" with your host James Mayer, delve into the intriguing topic of magnetism and the law of attraction. James shares his personal experiences and explores how we can harness the power of our thoughts and energy to manifest our desires. He delves into the mystical aspects of the universe and the role our subconscious plays in shaping our reality. Discover the secrets to attracting opportunities, synchronicities, and abundance into your life through mindset shifts, consistent action, and the power of belief. Join James as he unravels the magic of magnetism and leaves you inspired and empowered to create the life you truly desire. Don't miss out on this transformative episode, packed with valuable insights and practical tips. So, grab your headphones, tune in, and get ready to explore the limitless possibilities that lie within you.

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Hello, good people, and welcome back to life is sound. With me, your host, James Mayer. I hope you're good, I hope you're well, I hope you're blessed. And if not, how can we get you back to feeling all of those things? Today I want to talk about the art of magnetism. Now, what do I mean by that? I've been in a state for around the past twelve months where all the magic is happening, opportunities are coming in synchronicities are happening, conversations with this person aligns with the thing I was thinking yesterday and so forth. And I know a few other people that are going through similar things and the magic is happening for them. And it's made me ask the question really recently what have I been doing different? Now, when we talk about magnetism, we're talking about the things that are coming towards us that we want to happen, the things we've been thinking about, the things we've been calling in and we actually see them start to show up in our lives. Now, I have to thank my friend Melanie for this because she posted on Instagram about this on her stories and it inspired me to make this episode because I know she's experiencing something similar where opportunities are coming to her on a daily basis and I'm going through something very similar. And I want to share with you guys what I've been doing differently to other stages of my life where things haven't been coming to fruition as quickly as they have been doing for me recently. When we think about magnetism, light attracts light. So how you start showing up in the world, how you start acting, how you start thinking that energy spreads out to other people and they realise what vibration you're on and they want to take a little bit of that and apply it to the thing that they want to create in life. Or they're already matching your energy and they want to build with you. Now, there's two things when we think about magnetism. There's the universe, the mysticism, the things that we don't see, the things that occur that are the unexplained. Someone might have something waiting for you in six months time and we don't quite understand how that all aligns for that opportunity to present itself at that specific point. And then there's the other side. There's us. The way we think, our subconscious, our subconscious mind is a big thing that we have to change to start to become in alignment with the thing that we want to be doing in this life. So it all starts with mindset. What have I been doing differently over the past twelve months that I have started to see a major shift in my life when it comes to opportunities? Now, I made a decision. I knew I was going to start a podcast and I did that. And I consistently showed up week by week editing evening by evening, hour after hour, consistently doing the same thing. That behaviour, that repetition, is going to programme my subconscious to say, oh, this is what we do now. And then that energy goes outwards. This new energy of James, the guy that does a podcast, goes out to people, people start to see you as that in the world. Opportunities come towards you in that area. The other thing I decided to do was step into a world that I have completely loved for a long time but have never been a creator in. And that's sound, relaxation, vibration. I've been a musician for 20 years and I knew this was an area I was going to end up in, but I had a huge resistance to it over the years. I always separated it from me being a songwriter, an artist, a producer and this world. Those two things could never work together. I had a huge resistance for the longest time and recently I have stepped into this space and realised that it is all sound, vibration. It is about me integrating these things and believing in what's possible. And once I said yes to these things, opportunities started to come in so quickly that it is overwhelming. When you take a step back with gratitude and say, wow, how is all this happening so quickly? It is purely because I made a decision on who I am going to be and I back that up with their behaviour that matches that thought frequency. So, two things, the mysticism of the universe, the unknown, the synchronicities, all those things that can happen and then you doing the work, consistently showing up to be that thing you want to be, to be that person, to achieve those goals. When you start to move like the person you want to become, opportunities come your way and it really, truly is a snowball effect. One thing leads to another, a conversation with this person about that idea, they introduce this person who's aligning with that thought, they introduce this person who's aligning with that thought and that frequency. And then the dance really begins. The magic, the synchronicities, this is magnetism. And when you see it, your mindset completely shifts to right now, what's possible. It's taken me a long time, years and years of work, self development, mindset switches, letting go of bad habits, old ways, old patterns, dropping negative people to start to see this magic really weaving into my life. And the reason I'm here is to share this with you guys, to ask the question, what is possible? Because if I can do it and I'm witnessing it, there's no reason you can't do it. You may not feel like you're in that place at the moment, but trust me, when you get through the fire, when you get through the darkest times, when you consistently keep moving forward, the magic starts to reveal itself. Now, when we go through tough times, we have the option to feed into it lean into it, get emotional, let these burdens become heavier, or we do as much as we can in those moments to stay consistent, to keep our mindset in the right place. So when these tough times start to diminish, it's go time. And when we think about this, this is the state of flow, this is when you're doing everything effortlessly. And it's such a beautiful place to be in because when you're in flow, you're not really thinking, you're just doing. And when you are in this state, all the other things that you've been calling in just start to align and move with you how you want to flow through life. So the scientific part is every thought has a frequency. Thoughts are frequencies. Thoughts and emotions together become super magnetic. So we have to be really mindful of what are we thinking about on a regular basis? How do we feel about those things? If you want to call in a life of X, Y and Z, but you don't believe in your core that you deserve X, Y and Z, for whatever reason, everything in its power will stop that life coming towards you. If you go and listen to the episode that I did recently with our guest Sally Fazelli, she spoke about this. And it is so true for you to call in the life that you want to call in. You have to shift belief systems. Any resistance that is stopping you from believing that you deserve the life that you think about, belief systems and thoughts have to align for you to start flowing, for you to start magnetising. And that life that you've been desiring coming closer to you. Now, I'm sure you've heard of visualisation affirmations. These things are super powerful to reprogram the subconscious. But we simply can't just sit here visualising and affirming what we want or who we want to be without action. We have to be moving forward. We have to think about what we want to be doing, repeat those visualisations, repeat those affirmations, repeat that language to self consistently, which reprograms the subconscious beliefs about ourselves. And when we do that on a consistent basis, we then start to shift who we are. And when we back that up with action, meaning when we do the physical things in physical form that match the belief systems and the thought frequencies, the magic starts to reveal itself. Now, if you've ever been in this state and you can't quite understand how all these things are happening, we have to be really mindful to not fear it all going away. Because then we invite the fear frequency into this magic that we're creating. And this is where I am. I'm in a place where opportunities are coming to me on the daily conversations are coming and I'm like, wow, I was thinking that yesterday and this person's asking me to do this the next day. And when you've grown up with a certain mindset or you've come from a certain place like myself, it's easy to think about, when is all this going to go wrong? Now, another time in my life I've done that early 20s with my friends. I had a major record deal with the band I was in. And I remember that thing doesn't really happen for a lot of people where we're from, if anyone. There's very few people that I know that have found themselves in that arena. And I remember feeling, when is all this going to end? When's this magic going to end? Instead of thinking, how can we build on this magic? It was a fear mindset, it was a worry. And we want to avoid having that fear mindset when the magic's happening, harness that energy and build on it and see what else is possible. What else can you call in when this magic is flowing? So we want to think about action and alignment. So a big one for me at the moment. If I have an idea and I want to build on something with somebody and I might present an idea to that person I'm becoming really aware of who is saying yes straight away. That means their energy is aligned with mine and they want to move in that direction, who is showing me resistance? And it's often that we want to keep knocking on that door of resistance because this is how we thought it should be, this is how I planned it to be. Yet there's someone over here saying, hey, will you come and do this with me? And we think, you weren't the person I had in mind. So let me just ask this person again. Let me just see. These are signs that we need to be leaning into really quickly. If you want to be doing something or building something, and this person is being long at getting back to you and delaying your flow. But this person is presenting an opportunity that is very close to the thing you're asking that person. The answer is there in front of you. Let it flow. When you are in this magic state, all the answers are there. The people will show up. So to remind you, how do we do that? By changing the language around our belief systems, repeating who we want to be every day. Calling your life before you go to sleep, as soon as you wake up, have that conversation of who you want to be and how you want your life to look, and make the steps daily to take action for that to become a reality. And I promise you, in twelve months time your life will be in a completely different space. So this is a really quick, short episode, simply about the magic of magnetism and getting in flow and seeing what's possible with your life. I want to say a big thank you for you guys checking back in to these episodes and connecting with me as I share my journey with you guys and hopefully help you in some way. That's what all this is about us moving together as a community through the beauty of conversation, words, vibration, thought and frequency and pulling the best life that we all deserve. So remember, no matter what you're going through, life is good, life is sound. I'll see you on the next one. Stay blessed. Bye.