Life Is Sound

037 | The Dance Of Life w/ Sally Fazeli

November 08, 2023 James Mayer Episode 37
Life Is Sound
037 | The Dance Of Life w/ Sally Fazeli
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Show Notes

In this episode, we are joined by the inspiring Sally Fazeli, who shares profound insights into the healing potential of sound at a cellular level and its ability to release stored emotions and trauma. We explore Sally's near-death experience and how it shaped her fearless approach to life and her dedication to empowering women. Join us as we delve into themes of self-discovery, authenticity, and the importance of embracing change for personal growth. Listen in as we discuss the powerful impact of sound, the significance of reconnecting with ancient practices, and the joy of embracing creativity and dancing. Stay tuned as we uncover the ongoing journey of spiritual growth and self-discovery, and remember, life is good and sound. Stay blessed.

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