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036 | Protect Your Energy w/ James Mayer | Life Is Sound Podcast

November 01, 2023 James Mayer Episode 36
Life Is Sound
036 | Protect Your Energy w/ James Mayer | Life Is Sound Podcast
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Welcome back to another episode of Life Is Sound with your host, James Mayer. In today's episode titled "Protect Your Energy," James delves into the concept of levelling up in life and the importance of safeguarding your energy. He starts by expressing gratitude to the listeners who attended the recent Life Is Sound relaxation event, emphasizing the need to detach from the chaos and heaviness of the world.

James shares personal experiences of navigating challenging times and how he found strength and growth through staying focused and creative. He highlights the transformation that occurs when we level up in life, attracting new opportunities and energies, both positive and negative. With anecdotes about handling frustrating situations, James emphasizes the importance of choosing our responses carefully, as they can ripple through our day, week, month, and even our entire life.

He further explores how language and the energy we allow into our lives can impact our emotional well-being. Reminding listeners of their own power and royalty, James encourages setting strong boundaries and removing any negative influences swiftly. As we ascend in life, be it spiritually or otherwise, it is crucial to protect our energy and stay focused on our growth and goals. So, stay tuned as James Mayer shares practical insights on protecting your energy in today's episode of Life Is Sound.

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Hello, good people, and welcome back to life is sound. With me, your host, James Mayer. I hope you're good, I hope you're well, I hope you're blessed. And if not, how can we get you back to that place of feeling all of those things? First of all, I want to say a big thank you to everyone that showed up to the very first life is Sound relaxation event which is dedicated to your well being, pure sound nation to help you relax in the deepest state, detached from the world, detached from technology, detach from all the chaos and heaviness that we're seeing at the moment over an hour dedicated to pure relaxation and bringing your mind, body, spirit into alignment. So be sure to cheque out in the links in the descriptions for the next event in Manchester if you want to come along to that meeting. Like minded people, we're growing a great community here, so thanks to everyone who made it down. If you're interested, find the links in the description and be sure to cheque that out. Today, I want to talk about levelling up in life and protecting your energy. Now, some of you may be going through a period in your life where you are feeling things change. The old habits, the old ways are disappearing, new opportunities are coming into your life, maybe financial worries are decreasing, opportunities are growing. And this is a phase that I have definitely been in over the past year around when I started this podcast, I was going through a very difficult time and I chose in that time to get busy, output, get creative. And in doing so, not only did I get stronger at dealing with heavier things in life whilst I was going through them, but I realised that when the scenes are rough, you are still able to do as much as you want to do. And when you get through those rough seas, you've now created a new conditioning, a new version of yourself. And this is the season I've been in for a while. And what I've noticed in this season is when you are levelling up in life, when you are trying new things, new opportunities come your way and life starts to flourish in a new way that at one point you did not think was possible. Now, the other thing, when you start to level up in life, you attract energies. People are going to be watching what you're doing, both good and bad. And this is where we have to be careful, this is where we have to choose how we respond. Now, this can be things that happen to us in life that are out of our control. This can be people coming into our lives in certain ways, good and bad, and we have to be aware of how we choose to respond to people, especially if it's leaning towards negativity. So a really great analogy of this, two things that spring to mind is, a while ago, I was in the bedroom getting ready for the day. My girlfriend's in bed and I hit my shin off my bed frame dump. She felt it and she went, oh. And I just took a deep breath and walked out the room. And later on she said, how do you manage to keep calm in those situations? And I said it's simple. We either feed it more energy, which can then have a knock on effect to the next thing I'm trying to do with my day, which could affect the interaction I'm about to have with that person when I leave the house, who could be presenting me an opportunity that could then have a knock on effect with my whole day. That could affect my whole week, my whole month. Before we know it, the way we choose to respond can affect your whole year, zoom out your whole life. These are the choices we make in the moment, how we choose to respond. Is it easy to do that? Not always. But like anything, the more we choose to respond in a certain way to things that happen to us, we get better at it and we become stronger. This is true growth. This is spiritual practise. Whether you clash yourself as a spiritual person or not, this is the foundation of growth, internal strength and power. Another example was I have a cupboard here, and on the back of that door, when you open it, there's a bag full of Christmas ball balls. They stay there all year, till Christmas. One day I needed to go into this cupboard to reach something. And as I've opened the door, the bag of baubles has just opened and every bauble made its way into the living room. And I just looked and I had a moment to choose how I was going to respond. And I decided to look at it laugh, and I left the apartment. I went about my day, I conducted whatever I needed to do that day. And by the time I got home and I came through the door and I remembered the balls, but because I've gone about my business and I let it go, the approach when I returned was a happy one. I was laughing about this situation. I was able to pick those balls up and put them back in the bag and laugh about it. It's not a big deal. Now, I know some people wouldn't have been able to leave their house or apartment with a whole load of ball balls on the floor untidy. The truth is, it didn't matter. Nobody was going to see that mess apart from me. And when I got back, I was able to deal with it with a clearer, calmer mind. So as we are levelling up, this is what we want to be doing in life. We want to level up. We want to move into new areas of our life and as we do that, we attract attention, both good and bad. People are going to come in and present opportunities. People are going to be watching what you're doing. Some are going to want to be a part of it, some are going to want to help you, and others are going to sit from a seat of not liking what you're doing. Because we have an inherent tendency to look at other people and compare the likes of social media we know have all created this type of behavioural programming within a lot of us. As you are levelling up in life, expect people to attack you verbally, spiritually, however you want to see that when you are ascending in your power, people are going to come for you. If you are high vibration, if you are outputting positivity into this world, if you are doing great things and you allow the energy of somebody else to knock you out of that seat, that person has won. That energy vampire has won. And I've had this lesson recently, and this is the spiritual path. You can do a decade plus of spiritual growth and life, or somebody will come to remind you that there's work to be done in areas. Even if you've done that work before, it's like going to the gym. It's a constant workout. You have to keep exercising those muscles and remind yourself of who you are, what you're trying to achieve in the world, and not let anybody shake you out of all the growth and learning you have done. Now, when we're dealing with people, the power of language is the thing that can really trigger our emotions. And at the end of the day, we are human. Words are vibration. So if somebody comes at you with negative vibration and you just happen to be having a bad day or a bad week or a bad month, it's easy to let that vibration in, listen to it, take it in, and we start to reprogram our mind. Words are power. The way people use language, the way we use language, is one of the most powerful tools we have in our existence. So we have to be careful of what we are allowing in who we are paying attention to. What energy, what boundaries do you want to set, what are you going to allow and what are you not going to allow? You are the highest person in your life. You are royalty, you are the king, you are the queen. What would a king or queen allow? Somebody to speak to them like, no time, no energy. As soon as they hear, no question, remove that person quick, keep it moving forward motion. As you are ascending in life, whether it's spiritually, financially, whatever it is you are ascending with, people are not going to like it. Two types of people. People want to see you win, people want to see you growing. People may help you grow, and people that don't want to see you win and people that will try and claw you back down and take you out of that seat that you have worked so hard to sit in. The importance of how we choose to react to somebody or something that's happening to us in life is so important. This can change the whole direction of your life. If you spend too much time on a person or a thing no matter how difficult it may feel this can change the course of your life if you choose to lend it too much energy, if you're going through something that's out of your control. Through personal experience, I've learned to just surrender and know that you're going to flow out of the other side. And when you do, you're going to have learned a hell of a lot how we choose to respond to people. This is where the true learning comes in. And I've been reminded of that recently that before we respond to any negative energies it's crucial to take a moment because most of the time that energy wants to bring you into it. So you respond at the same frequency. When you do that, you are being taken out of your seat of all your work and growth and you are being pulled down to a low vibrational state. Now, we must remember this. It's easy, so easy to exist in a low vibrational state. That's the reason why all the news is negative. That's the reason why the world is heavy. That's the reason we've all known this existence because it's much easier to choose low vibrational states than it is to work to be in a positive state. Negativity rubs off on Positivity way quicker than Positivity rubs off on Negativity. Let me say that again. Negativity rubs off on Positivity way quicker than Positivity rubs off on Negativity. Meaning it's way easier to exist as a negative person and complain and moan and hate on other people or make other people's lives difficult. It takes a lot of strength and work to maintain a positive outlook. It's a practise. It's an art form. It's a way of life. It's so easy to choose this, the negative life. It's easy to dip back into it. Personally, I know what that path is like. I've walked it. I've been there. I would much rather choose this, do the work. Surround myself with like minded people who want to elevate each other, who want to show each other love, keep it moving, level up, high vibration. And if one of us dips, we pull the other back up. Life is too short to live a whole existence over here. So when you are levelling up, when you are doing the work and we all know what this is, it is work. When you are doing the work over here in your daily practise levelling up, however you want to define that me, I define it as levelling up. Spiritually, that is work. And that as you change, as you grow, as you level up, as people witness that some people are going to become really uncomfortable with it. And that is also the test that if they let you know that they're uncomfortable with it, whether they put some type of attack on you, how you respond to that is vital for your growth. So it's necessary to protect your energy. How does that look? If somebody is coming at you in any way, you don't owe that person anything. Whether they are a family member, a friend, someone you've known your whole life, a colleague, if anyone comes at you a certain way, you do not owe that person anything. Boom. There's my boundary. Cut you off. And if it's coming from outside of the physical space, you can see because energy is energy, frequency is frequency. None of us really know how this life is happening. Nobody's got the answers yet. We just have a load of philosophies and theologies and ideas of what this thing is. Nobody really knows. Energy is real. People. There can be people sat on the other side of a screen just not liking you. And that goes back to that social media thing. You'll have a load of views, but maybe not a lot of likes. A lot of people love to watch you, but not like you and show you support. So we have to protect our energy in a really simple way. And a really simple Practise to do that is if you are feeling down or you're feeling some energy could be coming towards you that's unwanted. Just take a moment, go within, take a breath. You can protect yourself. Imagine a field of protection. Some see it as blue light, white light, whatever you want to see it as. Imagine yourself in a bubble. You are safe. You get to choose what energy comes into your space. Allow the emotions to come up. Whatever affects you, process it. Keep it moving. I've been reminded of this recently, what I go through. I'm happy to share. I've been doing deep work now for over ten years. I'm in a space in life where I'm happy to share. I know these people on the other side of this video that this is really helping. The messages I get from you guys warms my heart. The people that are booked in sessions for coaching with me, it really does warm my heart because you guys are the guys that want to level up. And if I can help you in that process, that's what I'm here for. So this is your reminder that when you are levelling up, something or somebody is going to come for you in some way and how you choose to respond is of the utmost importance. I would love you to share your experiences with Levelling up. Drop it in the comments. Let me know what's going on for you. This is what these conversations are for. We have Life is Sound, the podcast for mindset and growth. And now we have Life is Sound, relaxation for your well being. I want to thank you all for checking back in on this podcast. Week after week. We're growing the community. This is something we're not going to stop. We're going to keep going. So I want to say a big thank you to you all for listening, for watching. Make sure you drop a like if you've not subscribed, hit the subscribe button. If you're listening on podcast platforms, make sure you drop a review. It really helps us grow this podcast and reach people that we just might need to reach. And remember, no matter what you're going through, life is good. Life is sound. I'll see you on the next one. Stay blessed.