Life Is Sound

033 | Standing In Your Own Power w/ Prima

October 09, 2023 James Mayer
Life Is Sound
033 | Standing In Your Own Power w/ Prima
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Show Notes

Welcome back to another insightful episode of "Life Is Sound" with your host, James Mayer. In today's segment, we're joined by the prodigiously talented musician and songwriter, Prima, who shares her voyage of self-discovery and personal empowerment. Prima talks candidly about the obstacles she faced before meeting her mentor, Jay. This pivotal encounter helped her understand her worth and the power of saying 'no'.

With a classical background in piano and a soulful voice tuned to R&B, Prima explores her musical roots and the unexpected hurdles encountered along her path. She reflects on the dichotomy of life's joys and challenges, acknowledging the solid foundation of a supportive family. Prima also delves into her experiences with trauma, underlining the importance of self-reflection and mental resilience.

Join us as we navigate the terrain of standing firm in one's authenticity and the significance of channeling one's artistic expression into the world. Stay tuned for an episode enriched with inspiration, wisdom, and a showcase of Prima’s remarkable musical prowess. Dive into "LIS - Standing In Your Own Power" with our exceptional guest, Prima, as we explore the symbiosis of music and life’s tumultuous yet rewarding journey.

What We Discussed In this Episode

  • Background in classical piano and singing
  • Exploring Personal Struggles and Self-Worth
  • Reflecting on personal struggles that impacted creativity
  • Feeling like a pushover and lacking self-identity
  • Musical Inspirations and Influences
  • Reflections on Life's Challenges and Blessings
  • Overcoming Illness and Challenging Times
  • Appreciating a great family environment
  • Overcoming Negative Energies and Protecting Oneself
  • Learning to protect oneself and becoming mentally strong
  •  Feeling happy, powerful, and abundant now
  • The Power of Positive Mindset and Self-Worth
  • Distinguishing ego from knowing one's worth
  • The Importance of Releasing Art and Consistency
  • Consistency in releasing new songs and projects
  • Setting Boundaries
  • Finding Unique Sound and Embracing the Process

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