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022 | In The Middle Of Music w/ Bipolar Sunshine

July 03, 2023 James Mayer aka Knew J Episode 22
Life Is Sound
022 | In The Middle Of Music w/ Bipolar Sunshine
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Show Notes

Welcome back to Life is Sound, I'm your host, James Mayer, and I invite you to embark on an intimate exploration of the extraordinary life of my dear friend, Adio Marchant, widely acclaimed as Bipolar Sunshine.

Adio and I share a unique history. We were once bandmates in Manchester band Kid British, but our paths diverged as Adio embarked on a solo career that would define him as Bipolar Sunshine. Together, we explore the intricate tapestry of the music industry, baring our souls and unraveling the complex emotions intertwined with our musical journeys.

Adio's extraordinary talent and unparalleled creative vision propelled him to unprecedented heights. Witness the remarkable journey as his platinum hit "Middle" resonates across the airwaves and his pen weaves soulful verses for the iconic Beyoncé, culminating in the joyous anthem "Brown Skin Girl." 

Adio opens up about his experiences of being dropped not once, but twice, and the emotional toll it took on his journey, yet never wavering from his beliefs. We delve deep into the emotions and struggles that musicians face, shining a light on the resilience and determination required to stay true to one's passion amidst the unpredictability of the music world.

This episode is a reminder of what is possible when you dedicate yourself to a craft and refuse to give up. Join me, James Mayer, on this captivating journey as we explore the true essence of life and sound. 

What we discussed in this episode

  • Growing Up In Manchester
  • Early Music Groups
  • Creating Our First Album
  • The formation Of Kid British
  • The End Of Kid British
  • The Birth Of Bipolar Sunshine
  • Being Dropped By A Label Twice
  • Writing Middle 
  • Having a Hit Song
  • Moving to LA
  • Writing For Beyoncé
  • Brown Skin Girl
  • Manchester Music
  • Consistency In Music
  • Dealing With Life Trauma 
  • The Importance Of Sharing Your Art
  • The Future Of Music With Technology

Episode Links

Bipolar Sunshine's Music

Bipolar Sunshine's Instagram

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