Life Is Sound

021 | Do We Need Therapy? w/ Maureen Fearon & Tim Cruz

June 19, 2023 James Mayer aka Knew J Episode 21
Life Is Sound
021 | Do We Need Therapy? w/ Maureen Fearon & Tim Cruz
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On this episode of Life Is Sound, we have an incredible lineup of guests joining me, James Mayer. I'm thrilled to have our first multi guest episode and be joined by Maureen Fearon and Tim Cruz as we dive into a captivating discussion centered around various aspects of mental health and if therapy is something we as a society all could benefit from.

Throughout our conversation, we explore the options available to individuals who are struggling with mental health issues, discussing topics such as developing coping strategies, building a personalized toolkit, and finding therapy that suits our individual needs.

Together, we shed light on the stigma surrounding seeking help for mental health and share valuable insights on ways to overcome it. It's an important conversation that resonates with many of us, as we navigate the challenges of our own mental well-being.

If you're looking for practical advice and guidance on improving your mental health, this episode has it all. Join us as we delve into the depths of the mental health industry and uncover strategies to help you on your journey towards a healthier mind.

What we discussed in this episode

  • The Importance Of Changing Patterns
  • Therapy, Why Choice is Best
  • Not Waiting For Rock Bottom
  • The Pandemic And Behaviour
  • Prioritising Mental Health
  • Creating Your Own Plan
  • Asking Questions
  • Investing In Well-being
  • Employers - Mental Health In The Work Place
  • Education
  • Awareness Around Mental Health

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Talking doesn't change people; focus on change
Therapy can be vague, emotional therapy helpful.
Helping people change, pandemic caused behavior changes.
Lockdown fuels fear, impacts mental health.
Isolation made work more challenging, missed interaction
Pandemic brought restrictions, gratitude for nature.
Community connections and emotional self-care during lockdown.
Investing in mental health: Time, Money.
Questions and walking boost well-being.
Employers invest in mental health for employees.
Gratitude for guests, share button request.