Life Is Sound

014 | Unlocking The Secret To Manifestation w/ Chelsea Fox

March 13, 2023 Knew J Episode 14
Life Is Sound
014 | Unlocking The Secret To Manifestation w/ Chelsea Fox
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In this episode we discuss the art of manifestation and our how perspectives and energy systems can help us bring in the life we desire. Today's guest is Chelsea Fox, an energy healing coach. with a wealth of knowledge on how to manifest the life you want. Chelsea works with her clients, helping people understand what may be blocking them from calling in the life they truly seek, helping them dive deeper into understanding themselves, shifting patterns and moving into a flow state where real manifestation occurs. I am truly humbled by the knowledge and wisdom that Chelsea has so early on in her life and as you hear her speak throughout this episode, it's easy to see why she is current on the path she is on, doing the work she is doing. As usual, some incredible gems here, so be sure to tap in and also share with someone who you may know will also enjoy this episode.

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hello good people welcome back to life in sound  today I've got a guest who I've been super excited   to have on the show if you are interested in  drawing things into your life designing the   life that you want a manifesting things that you  desire however that looks then please stick around   for this episode all the way to the end I'm  super excited because this is the world that I   think in and I'm very intrigued by when I spotted  today's guest on Tik Tok randomly in the algorithm   I was watching a couple of videos and I was I  was actually blown away I was like wow I've never   heard that perspective before should I message  this person and just see if she'll come on my   podcast and I asked her to follow me on tik tok  she did I dropped her a message I said hey would   you like to come on my podcast she asked my  Instagram and said yeah there is I'm a legit   person like I'm real like I'm not trying to kidnap  anyone and she messaged back and said yeah I'd   love to and that is manifestation she's here today  so I have it we're on the podcast so today's guest   is Chelsea Fox Chelsea if you want to say hello  to the listeners who you are in in your world   and what you do then we'll get into it okay so I  am Chelsea and I've been an energy healing coach   now for two and a half years I started off doing  Reiki healing and quickly learned that there is   so much more to this Than People realize I think  when you dive into any work of any sort you kind   of only scrape the surface but the longer you do  for the more you realize so I quickly just wanted   to tell everyone and everyone about um about what  I know but as you as you will realize the more   that you tell people things the more overwhelming  it can get so it kind of creates the system of   how I deliver information just so it really  speaks to people so I did a lot of work with   like quantum mechanics and things so that I kind  of had proof behind what I was talking about so   I get messages all the time from people that say  my perspective on things has really helped shift   um their idea of manifestation about life and  that's kind of the process behind what I do   so yeah amazing I think that's one thing when I  came across your tits up page I was so impressed   like how clear and concise you see things but also  things I've heard before but the way you delivered   it I was like I've never heard that in that way  before and that was why I thought I really wanted   to connect with you because I thought obviously  you're you're on your own Journey you've got   people tapping into your social media and you  can see it growing and the way you brand it like   the way you're doing things is somebody I can see  you manifesting I can see it all happening yeah   so listening to videos I thought it'd be great  if we could connect and delve into a bit more   of your world and and who you are so before we  just start recording I asked how old you were and   you told me and I was like that is incredible for  somebody to be on this journey at such a young age   where are you going to be in like 20 years time  you're gonna be like literally like a wizard of   some sort you know just creating magic so what  influence you to get started in in this world so I   think to be honest I think that the pinpoint of my  kind of big transition into this was my nan passed   away when I was I think it was around about 10 or  11 and I became obsessed with like the afterlife   and all of these things I was like surely  there's going to be a way to connect with her   um and so that kind of really piqued my interest  and it was more so like the psychic side of things   um because I was very close to my nan and I  always felt here around so I kind of dived   into that I was always on YouTube but YouTube  wasn't really that big of a thing then so there   wasn't that much information on there so I think  it kind of came from that point I always knew that   I was going to go down a spiritual path but I  didn't know what it would look like and I was   speaking to before about my mum she's a yoga  instructor so she's always been open-minded   um so I think it's kind of an accumulation of  things but I think if I could pinpoint one thing   it would be that because that really changed my  perspective on life and on like the afterlife   and yeah things beyond the physical I think we're  very similar listening to you say that that's kind   of where my past started losing somebody and then  probably a for money for myself having that that   want to connect with the person that that I'd lost  in is there something after and I'll share this   it's it's not easy probably for some people to  listen to but when my girlfriend passed away like   when I actually was in front of her and it's the  first person I'd ever seen transition in that way   I saw something that was so beautiful that yeah I  saw her go to the next place yeah and for people   that have had that experience you can't you know  really put it into words words that moment changed   me for the rest of my life and the people I've met  after that that moment that shifted me onto what   we would call a spiritual path it did start along  that getting to know a woman called Cara who was   um you know a medium having my first reading  her telling me about Reiki her teaching me about   light and dark this is when people something you  know people in the spiritual world only operate   in life without understanding the dark and she  she said look if you're stepping into this world   Please be aware of both sides so she was like  the first person like an elder that was like   you can do this but just be careful yeah so you  you saying that has just like triggered a few   memories so it's very similar and then I got into  Reiki and you know energy work and stuff like that   um so to hear you say that I think it's people  on a path a lot of it does come from some type of   trauma and then you asking questions going within  trying to make sense of life and the world and   like you said you knew you were going to go down a  path and what you said as we were coming here was   you can never fully know what this path is going  to be once you run it you kind of just have to   go with the flow you can call things in you  can say I want this to happen but you end up   things just coming in and working that way so what  type of work do you do with with people because   I've only seen you on on your social media page  can you speak a bit about like how you help people   shift in their lives and and design the lives  and manifest things so a lot of the people that   come to me they are experiencing certain things  in their life so like it might be feeling stuck   it might be um attracting the same people all the  time or just many different things but I basically   give them the meaning behind why these things  happen because it's not just coincidence sometimes   it is literally just because this has happened  and then this has happened and that's the result   that you've ended up in so um for example one  thing that many people don't realize is a lot   of people that feel stuck a lot of this comes  from like a chakra imbalance but it actually goes   back to Childhood so a lot of people who have  a poor relationship with their father they end   up being this very hyper-independent self-reliant  individual but it causes this massive imbalance in   the body and it's what Chinese medicine refer to  as the yin and yang but it's actually what I would   know as the chakras and so when I do energy work  with them or I speak to them about the experiences   they have in and they say I feel stuff I feel  stuck and I feel lost and I say okay what's the   relationship with like with your father and then  they start diving to that and I'm like that is the   reason that you've been in this period of your  life for such a long time because it's normal   to have these like Ebbs and flows and you know be  stuck and come out of it but to be in that state   for so long it's unnatural and it does something  more to it yeah and I think that's the thing that   people don't recognize is just the energy behind  it and no one really dives into that because   I think it's very hard to grasp especially if like  the way that our brains are designed is to only   focus on the physical and if there's no proof  and there's no we can't categorise it we don't   know what to do with it and because we haven't  been taught to step outside of that there's not   much more we can do with our environment and  the experiences that we have we're kind of   just a victim to it right and and that's the thing  that I want to teach people is there's a way out   of it but you've got to look further than what  you are actually seeing with your eyes so yeah   um but every time I do these classes or I have  people that come to me for coaching they're always   Blown Away with how many things I can connect  from their life that ends them in this place   and they always say I can't believe that  these things I've experienced has come   from this point and has ended me here and so  it always gives them so much Clarity and I   think that's the one thing that you need  to get out of a situation that you feel   completely lost in is just that Clarity and  that root out I suppose the path ahead so   that's kind of what I do with my clients  is just give them that path out based on   what they're actually experiencing and the energy  behind it not just focusing on how they feel yeah   um so yeah that that's kind of what I do with  my clients and that's the evidence of this thing   being real is the shifts afterwards it's it's  not like you're just saying this to people and   then nothing changes yeah from giving people this  information about where these issues can be coming   from and why are you feeling stuck in stagnant  in your life because of these energy blocks   when you're showing people that you're then seeing  the transition where these things are shifting so   that is the evidence we can't physically it's it's  a very strange world that we operate in yeah this   is why we get so many skeptical people but when  you have people like yourself running a successful   business and really shifting lives of people  that is the evidence of this stuff is real and   what's your take on science and spirituality  because I think eventually these two the   bridge between the two is just going to build and  everything's gonna make a bit more sense whether   it's in our Generations or another lifetime yeah  I think the Unseen and the unknown that's what   science is people trying to discover that but in  this world the energy world you know the blockages   the the energy system science still is in a bit  of a skeptical place and there is individuals   given his information and and teaching us and  for you to be doing at the age you're doing it   is amazing but what's your kind of take on the  direction of that and how long it it might take   honestly in my opinion I think it would be a  long time because what science focuses on is   the physical matter and there is so much  more to life than the physical and and I   always use the example of like the way that  a fly would perceive life the way that a dog   would perceive life the way that we perceive  life is very different but it's the same thing   that we're experiencing and until we're ready  to really step out of that idea of things are   physical and there's nothing really much more  to life than that then we can dive into it but   I don't think it's going to be something that can  happen for a long time because like I said before   we need proof we need to be able to categorize  information and things outside the physical are so   infinite and so like there's so much to that that  we couldn't categorize it and we couldn't try to   um simplify it so I think it would be a  long time before that would be the case   but I know there's a lot more people that  are waking up and a lot more people that are   bringing the proof into the physical themselves  like for me like this path to me is undeniable   because of the many many experiences I've had  with had it proven to me so I think over time it   will be a case of people finding their own proof  and following that more than following science   um but again I think that would probably be  a long time before science caught up because   science is so amazing but it's also missing many  points I think yeah I think you're saying that   you know the proof and it's a big thing I was  going to wait a bit further into the episode   but I just thought maybe this is the right time  to go with it but what's been happening to me   recently has been so undeniable that I'm like  this thing is like a game I can have a thought   and then the person around those thoughts  or the things I want to bring into my life   the showing up yeah and it wasn't just one  day it was two days three days two weeks in   a row three weeks in a row and then I'm like  I feel like I'm on drugs I said to my mom I   said I feel like I'm on drugs at the moment she  said oh yeah and I went no it's just this is so   trippy what is happening and I've had to write it  all down because to let these things just go and   not not have have them on paper and go all these  things just happen in alignment so one of them was   last year as as listeners will know like my  back completely went I was like immobile I   couldn't really walk I've done two crutches  no it's it's fine and I'm really speaking   positivity into that and and telling myself like  I'm good I'm strong all the you know affirmations   and I was doing some stretches at home and  I thought is it time to go back to yoga   my yoga teacher who had not spoke to for about  four to five years maybe had minimal interactions   on Instagram just message me on Instagram hi James  how's things yeah I just replied it's time and she   said yeah I think so so that was like the first  thing I was like well okay and then you try and   brush it off like yeah it's just coincidence and  then my friend was running like a breathwork sound   healing class and as I said I was just calling  to go to it so I could do that like I've not been   to one for a while so I went it was amazing like  it's beautiful event and I'm a musician so I love   observing sound without a critical brain without  going oh what's that doing yeah oh how are they   doing that it's just sitting back and just letting  it be and that's the first time I can do that   with music and so on when I'm in you know those  spaces and I was at home again I was stretching   and I thought I wonder if Meg does one-on-one  sound healing sessions she messages me on   Instagram hey wondering if you fancy coming to do  a 101 sound healing session as long as you let me   film it and I was like you're not gonna believe  this but I was literally I just had the thought   yeah so it was number two the third thing was my  friend Jamie who's been on the podcast again she's   a yoga teacher she said she's moving back  to Manchester and I just thought I wonder   if Jamie would be up for doing like one-on-one  yoga and just you know really get me mentally   stable in that space where I know routines and and  trying something new with somebody that I trust   she messaged me and said hey I'm moving back  to Manchester wondering if you wanted to do   any one-on-one yoga yeah I really want to help you  like support you know with you back and strength   on that that's like three out of about 10 things  that just happened over a couple of weeks yeah   when we say like it's coincidence I'm trying to  reframe this to people and say when these things   happen in your life and people have been saying  similar things to me but just passing it off is   it just like it's normal I said these are small  Lottery wins yeah that's you putting the lottery   numbers on and I'm coming true yeah in little  ways but we just go oh it's coincidence yeah and   the word coincidence like the the  origin the Latin origin of it is   to occupy the same space oh wow yeah two  things occupy in the same space so it's   like coincidere or coincidere however they would  have pronounced it in medieval Latin times yeah   now when we say coincidence the language is  kind of Taken form of oh it just happened   by a chance yeah but that's not the origin of  the word it's two things existing in the same   space yeah so that's the way I try and see it is  it's not coincidence this is you having a thought   and a frequency and everything working outside  of that to come towards you what do you try and   like tell people to if if they're in that state  that's a magic State something's happening and   we can Snowball Effect now what would you say to  somebody in that space how do you keep that going   so the state that you're in at the minute I  think it's it's what I would refer to as like   a receiving State and the main way that happens  is you have to be so solid in your sense of self   and you have to almost create this like I the  only way that I can explain it it's almost like   a Runway and you've got to let things land and  if that Runway isn't stable Nothing's Gonna land   right you've got to have those solid foundations  of your sense of self because when you do that   um you open the cycle chakra which is the  receiving energy right and that's also the   frequency of trust so it's almost like there is  zero resistance to the things that you're thinking   about so it will come a lot quicker but it's only  because you've got those solid foundations and I   made a video the other day about um money and  which went semi-viral which always brings in   a little bit of heat and so I made some videos  explaining what I was saying about about money   specifically am which is that everything outside  of you although it's a frequency and energy you've   got to treat it almost like a friend right so  the relationship you have with money it's got   to be like a friend so the video that I made was  about how a lot of people use money for validation   so the video that I said I said in that was um  if you were to win the lottery or win a lot of   money and your first thought is I'm gonna pay off  their debt I'm going to pay their house I'm going   to pay for their car so that they're proud of  me so that they appreciate me so that they love   me that's for validation so you're gonna have a  poor relationship with money and the way that I   explained that was you know that friend that you  have and they kind of will throw everyone under   the bush just to make people like them that's what  you're doing with money so why would money want to   be your friend why would money want to come into  your life because money will only come to you if   you're studying your power and that's when you're  in that receiving energy and I feel like that's   where you're at at the minute it's just like  really stood in your power owning who you are and   things are just going to come and meet you there  yes why not it feels also the the then the danger   and the worry and this is definitely what I  experienced I know if you've ever done meditation   or you've been in a space and you go to like a bit  of a deeper meditation and you go oh I'm here I'm   I'm doing it yeah and then because you've done  that you snap out of it and I think that's a bit   of where I'm at now with manifest manifesting  things and drawing things and people and events   and circumstances into my life yeah which is a  beautiful thing to to witness and be aware of   I think then there's a little bit of worry of yeah  right when's this going to stop yeah because this   is this is a lot it's intense and I think in the  past because mid twin is when things like this   were happening I smoked a lot of the time I smoked  a lot of weed so I'd always put it down to like oh   you overthink too much or yeah I think you've  been smoking you just see things like probably   not correct I always doubted it now at this age  where you know my mind's clear my system's clear   I'm like it's overwhelming because it's  like whoa this is literally like a game and   what would you say to to people that are in that  state that have little doubts like myself creeping   in because can we then start to block the things  we're manifested by letting that doubtful energy   creep in we can and I think it it just comes back  to that resistance but what I try to teach people   is how you can be in that received State and you  can always get that back like you can all as long   as you know what to do to put yourself back in  that state and the example that I always use is   if someone's gonna go and lose weight they'll  make a plan but they'll make that plan when   they're in that high energy when they're so  motivated and they don't ever account for the   days where they're really low and they can't get  out of bed so it's not really a plan it's it's a   plan that's going to fail so the advice that I  always give is to know what to do when you get   those low moments when you get those resistance  when you get um those like mental blocks and what   you can do to snap yourself back again which  is just to come back to those foundations take   yourself out like start to feel solid in your  sense of self again um and you can do that by   like cleaning your environment get in the shower  like just doing things to prioritize your physical   body and come back to that creative state so I had  a woman the other day who had had a business for   four years and nothing came of it and it's because  she would wait for people to comment on her posts   before she made a video she would wait for people  to buy her programs before she decided they were   valuable so everything was accidental so she was  not creating from inside anymore it was all to   do with validation so the advice that I gave to  her was take a step back find that creative space   like go and read a book and then like you might  read a paragraph on that and think oh my God I   really want to make a video on this oh my God I  need to tell someone about this this is amazing   and when you're in that high energy like I  need to share this I I need to create with   this I need to move with this information that's  when you're in that flow statement that's when   you create and that's when everything comes  to you and that's what I do my business now   like I was just talking to you before about how  the energy behind my business is now completely   different and I had a memory pop up on my phone  the other day with video I posted I think it was   two years ago and I was watching myself talk and  I was like that's not high energy that is so low   like you must have been such a low point when you  made that video so the way that I deliver it now   I will only make videos I will only move with my  business if I'm in that state because it's my PR   it's my response possibility to prioritize having  those foundations but it comes within that sense   of self so if you're experiencing things like you  are right now eventually it will start to fizzle   out because life moves mindsets change like all  these things but you know now to come back find   your Center self find that stability in your body  again like prioritize how you feel and then find   that creative place again so like obviously with  the podcast you know you want to help a lot of   people so it's coming back to the why of why  you're doing things but then everything around   you shifts so even life outside this podcast  it's completely and utterly different because   the energy of you is completely different yeah so  it's just I think it's about being in that flow   state but it's so much more than being in that  flow State it's the creative aspect of it it's the   trust behind it and it's all the same frequency  so if you can activate that in your sense of self   just in your daily life it's going to manifest  in your business it's going to manifest with your   friends it's gonna it's gonna just be everywhere  because you've got it in your Center cell and I   think that's the mistake people make they think  they have to find it accidentally yeah and you   just can't do that and when when you move with a  certain energy it's like that person that walks   into the room that you go I want to know that  person yeah or there's a person that walks into   room you go ah that Vibe yeah another one and  when you when you're in that place where you're   gravitating people and things towards you another  thing I noticed people just started talking to me   about and opening up to me about certain things  and I'm trying not to say bro you don't understand   what's happening at the moment because I don't  want to ruin their flow of them opening up but   I work from home and I've worked from home since  the starting pandemic my job can't be done in the   office environment because I produce music so no  one wants me in an office making noise so at the   moment I work at home I've got a studio just being  built and I had to go into the office and there's   a guy called Jason who's like yes James I've been  listening to your podcast yeah I didn't expect him   to tap into this he was like that's what the world  needs more positivity so again I'm in this Flow   State so I'm like I've come into work I've not  seen people for a while yeah and pretty much all   people spoke to me about was the podcast oh wow  so I was like oh it's just it's just confirmation   to keep going because I'm touching people  that I didn't think would would receive this   and it's made me realize maybe that type of person  is receiving this because the message is coming   through someone like me who he can relate to  yeah and then another guy that works there   oh he started a podcast started that and then he  opened up to me and then we started talking about   difficulties men face in life and you know mental  health and everything and manifestation and he   was talking about you know just being the best  version yourself and what that does and then   we both look to each other like we both never knew  we were we were this way but the conversation that   opened up just by Jason walking past yeah yes  bro this DJ podcast yeah that then opened up   and I said I said to him I said Evan these every  time I leave my house I work from home so I can   pretty much apart from when I want my dog be at  home you know Monday to Friday and see minimal   people and then obviously at the weekends are  Mark doing different things and interacting   with humans but I said at the moment every  time I leave my house it's not just a general   conversation it's conversation of substance and  Confirmation and it's so beautiful when you're   in that energy again it's it's it's overwhelming  but it's the magic of the universe and how this   life actually is yeah we are co-creators here  too yeah you know pull in everything we we   desire and everything we should be able to create   and it's our own blockages that stop us doing  that what what would you say is some of the   most common blockages you have with people that  are coming to you what do you see quite regular   honestly I'd say it's more there's a lot of things  that people want to do that I've noticed but it's   the people that they surround themselves with  and so I watched the videos the other day and it   really spoke to me that said when you're born you  step into someone else's reality so it's either   your mother or your father or a combination  of different people but none of that is yours   but that's how you learn about life right that's  how you learn to respond to life to receive life   and I was reading a book the other day and the  shamans call it domestication and so in this book   they explained that at some point in your life you  will experience the collapse of your story of your   domestication because it's not yours and at some  point you either learn to come out of that or you   struggle for so many years trying to maintain that  because it's not you and that's the biggest block   that I feel a lot of people faces knowing that  it's not really you that you're dealing with but   not knowing who you are and so a lot of people go  down this spiritual path because they know there's   more to them but they just cannot seem to grasp  it yet or you know it obviously doesn't happen   overnight it takes a couple of years to even  get some sense of knowingness of who you are but   um I think a lot of it is just the subconscious  programming that we experience in childhood like   the things that we're told about life about  money about relationships about ourself and   half of it's not true like I always I made a  video this day but I always say this about how   um the things you are told in life about  about life about yourself about money about   relationships about your career what you can or  can't do and if you're told at a young age by   someone else that's not a reflection of you that's  a reflection of them that's where they're at but   you identify with it because that's all you can do  at that age right that's that's all you know and   um the mind will just can only take so many pieces  of information before it will identify that as a   belief system so if that's all you're around in  your child or these people that tell you the same   things all the time yeah you you've got no choice  right you kind of just stuck with that information   um but that would be the biggest thing that  I'd say is the thing that people face with   these blockages is just so many belief systems  opinions perspectives that just aren't theirs   yeah and kind of the unwillingness to let them go  because they don't know what else is there and so   because we identify with it so deeply we're  like this is me and you'll notice this with   very egotistical opinionated people they actually  don't have a strong sense of sell because that's   why they identify with it so deeply is because  it's kind of they Panic if they don't have that   because it's all that they do have right so yeah  I'd say that was the biggest thing that people   face but it's not something that can be fixed  overnight it does take a lot of time but like   you said things will everything in the universe  is pushing you to grow and expand because that's   how energy has to move so the more you resist that  the more suffering you'll cause yourself so like   I said about being in this Flow State like you  wanting to heal yourself Universe it's like yeah   let's go go like send them all these people send  them all these things because he needs to have   that experience so the universe is always going to  push you down that path so it's not hard to be on   the spiritual path and work through these things  if that's what you committed to because everything   will align so that that is the case the more that  you resist that the more you dig dig a deep hole   for yourself and then it just becomes something  that you can't really get out of yeah and   so yeah I'd say that was the biggest thing  that people um experienced especially with   manifestation and energy is just that subconscious  programming what if people have the intent and   this is like probably relates to a video I saw  you post so say someone's like right I'm gonna   start doing property development and they go down  that path and they have all the best intentions   and they they want to manifest that life yeah  everything they come up against on that journey   is just not working for them what what is that  because someone has someone has that real positive   intention but the manifestation isn't Landing  with the intention and I think you beautifully   put that and I'll let you do it in your way  because I won't do it justice when you were   saying you can try and attract something but if  if your energy system is not on the same frequency   you're gonna have resistance there how  do you kind of like for the listeners   when people are trying to call in things  to the life but there's just blockages   so when we when we have energy blockages  essentially what that is it's a resistance   of energy but it's something that we do so if you  want to go down a certain path you change career   um just really change up your life and every  step of the way the doors are just getting   slammed in your face that's the universe's way of  going something's not right look deeper and this   is what the most successful people do in the  world every time they reach like an obstacle   in their life or you know um that door someone  in the face they go okay something's not right   how can I shift this they don't stop having the  belief system of the things they're going to do   the things they're going to achieve they they  just change themselves they adapt to it and so   when they do that they open up their energy more  and so the video that I made was obviously if you   are wanting to manifest the color pink and your  energy is saying purple there is no way you're   getting pink and so the universe will give you all  of these moments to give you the opportunity to   shift that energy so that you can manifest that  thing so I had that my own experience with that   um I've been doing this business for three years  and there was one point where I literally just   gave up with it because every step of the way door  slammed in my face nothing worked no one would   sign up for programs and I knew the information  I had was valuable so I was just like what is   going on with this and so I've always been a very  optimistic person anyway so I ended up saying to   my boyfriend I was like I think I think this is  it now I can't give any more I gave my all like   maybe it just isn't meant to be and then a couple  weeks later I had this meditation session and I   had this like download that came through that  everything's gonna work from now on the last   couple years has taught you resilience now it's  gonna shift okay and then the week after that   taken down and I was like this some sick joke  like what is going on I had that confirmation   and then nothing worked again and so rather  than just accept my fate with that and think   okay that's a sign because a lot of people do  that like they see that closed door and they're   like design easy to do that yeah so instead  of doing that I thought okay right this is   the universe's way or shift in this experience  this is the thing that's going to change my life   because I'd actually been meaning to change  my Instagram for a good six months and then   it came and I so rather than view it as this  bad thing that you know was gonna consume me   and it was going to be the end of the thing that  I was passionate about I changed my perspective   on it and I I choose to view every moment in my  life now when it goes really wrong was just that   this is going to be the thing that changed my  life this is getting me one step closer and this   is going to be the thing that shifts everything  this is where I can let go of those blockages   let go of that resistance this is the universe's  way of saying this is time to let it go and the   way that it does that is it makes something so big  and so horrible and makes us experience this such   high level of suffering so that we actually see it  and recognize it within ourselves so when people   always tell me they're experiencing um attracting  the same people and the same like poor situations   I'm like it's because you're missing you're  missing the thing that you need to recognize   within that situation so that you can let it go  and a lot of times it is just a perspective change   and so I I did a masterclass the other day about  how your perspective is the thing that sets you   free that's it because there there is this pocket  of potential in every moment of your life and you   can choose to access that if you choose to  look beyond the physical so that's what I do   now so some people will see that closed door and  think it's not meant to be but I I say there's   something else behind that that's happening that  I don't know about there's something that I need   to let go of there's something working behind  the scenes that's going to help me to get where   I want to be so every moment to me even if it's  a closed door is a gateway to where I want to   be amazing to maintain that belief system so  that's how the perspective shifts but I feel   like it's just allowed me to access where I  want to be even in like the hardest moments   um and like I said before to always be in  that flow State and but it comes back to   energy right like if I if I was to try and like  like you said go into property development and   this is the mistake people make with it as well  is they think it's it's enough to have a mindset   shift and it's not like you still have to put  things into physical form you have to put yourself   in front of the right people in the right places  and that's when the opportunities come people   think they can sit at home and have those mindset  shifts and the next minute they win the lottery   and it's like no like you have to go and do the  lottery to win the lottery like you have to go out   and be someone else and act differently and change  yourself in these moments so that things will come   to you like you've got to make an effort just as  much as the universe is making an effort for you   I think you just brought up another thing that  happened which I forgot to mention was and I've   been having a bit of um back pain and I think  it's just from being on my phone and a laptop   with poor posture I was like I need a massage  but I think I was podcasting the weekend doing   a couple of other things I didn't manage to go  somewhere for a massage so I said I always get a   um you know mobile visit so yeah I've never  done that I do that I feel a bit weird   about it but I'll do it it's just a massage  so I went on a website bought this massage   this lady came around to my house at about seven  o'clock by 705 she was telling me things that I   had only thought about that day so the three  things I thought about was right this year I   really want to grow the podcasts reach more people  help more people get guests on from a fire like   yourself you know down the road in Liverpool like  you're not somebody I know yeah starts a branch   out so that was like one of my main thoughts  that day sat down wrote it down and I'm like   right I'm gonna start micro dosing mushrooms I  want to introduce myself to that world and really   step into it in the right way you know not taking  mushrooms to have a trip and get high and go oh   that's great to actually like introduce myself to  the energy and see how that works with my system   and then the other thing was I and I'm  gonna I'm gonna go on a retreat this year   I don't know where I don't know who it is  I don't know if it would be like a friend's   Retreat or abroad I just know I want to go  on a retreat and I'm going to do some work   705 on the massage bench she goes my husband is um  doing really well on Tick Tock he's grown his tits   up like about seven times he keeps having him  take taken down he's grown his page each time   and he's got a podcast so The Tick Tock helps  his podcast growing he's doing really well with   it yeah so I'm like oh that's that's interesting  that's like specific thinking today yeah number   one so let that slide yeah then she goes yeah I  went to a mushroom ceremony the other week I never   done mushrooms before and it's completely shifted  my life so I went oh amazing she was like yeah I   know what I want to do now yeah so what what do  you want to do she goes I want to hold retreats   doing this type of thing like mushroom ceremonies  massage sound healing I went whoa listen now I   know I can talk to you about these things I said  my three dominant thoughts today apart from maybe   what I'm gonna eat or oh I need a drink yeah  we're only about these topics yeah so for the   whole hour we only spoke about that yeah and she  left my apartment and I'm like what is going on   because that's like you said you can't just sit at  home and have thoughts and expect these things to   come to you've got to go out into the world yeah  and interact and let the Magic Mix and happen   but I was blown away because I was like just me  at home I need a massage and the university let   me send the one person who is going to confirm  those three thoughts to you yeah and make make   you understand that this is the right way of  thinking and the right path yeah and I was   literally so a I felt relaxed after a massage so  that was great but the bonus was I was just sat   there like what is this what is going on at the  moment as well as all the other things so it's   when we have these little pieces of confirmation  it's it's not talking ourselves out of it oh   that was weird because most of us go oh that was  weird no that's not real because that's how we're   programmed to think like maybe it's a thinking we  we lack deserving these things that we're gonna or   transition periods can be really scary if you're  letting go of one version of you that you've   known and moving into a new one transition and  a big thing for me that's coming up is realizing   who I've been and what I've done and who I'm  who I want to be and what I'm I'm going to do   I don't have to let go of this yeah I can  integrate the two yeah and create a new   thing that and I think is that something you try  and guide people with as well like integration   because yeah this is coming up for me so it's  probably great to speak about it with you yeah   that's been a big thing for me over the past  couple of weeks I'm like I don't have to let go   of this to become this because this was positive  this is a this is a form of me that I've been for   you know a long time James the musician the  singer the producer the artist so if I want   to step into this space now more helping people go  and do Music and Sound healing environments I've   always thought but I don't want to let go of that  yeah now I'm like the two can just merge together   and be a really beautiful thing so do you try and  teach that to people that come to you as well like   integrate in parts of yourself yeah 100 like there  there's this idea that you know if you've been in   a part of your life especially if you're suffering  as well like if you are in like a depression right   now or like you said like you've been someone that  you don't necessarily resonate with um like a lot   of people fall into careers and friendship groups  that aren't actually resonant with who they are   um and they think that that part of themselves is  not valuable so I had a woman the other day that   um she's still being affected by this narcissistic  relationship that she's been in and she just   really hated on this past version of herself that  had fell into this relationship to begin with and   I'm like no that's such a big part of who you  are like that is such a big part of your story   and that's what I tried to teach especially  with like trauma and things like that trauma   never leaves the body but the way that it sits  in your body is completely within your control   like you can easily just welcome that version of  yourself in and integrate it as part of you and   that will help you on your story imagine if you  were to fragment yourself over your lifetime and   never have access to those parts of yourself  you'd be a shell of a person wouldn't you so   that's something I try to do in this business as  well I noticed a lot of my experiences I wouldn't   value them because they were they were not the  kind of magnitude that I wanted them to be or   they weren't what everyone else was talking about  and I came to the conclusion that every moment in   my life has changed my life so I'm going to talk  about it it's changed my life so it has the same   opportunity to change yours so that's kind of the  perspective that I have now every time I leave my   house I'm like today is going to change my life  and but also the the aspects of myself that I   almost leave behind they're still very like woven  in My DNA like every part of my life like we were   saying before the coincidences and things like  that every time you have like this coincidence   or this mindset shift you tend to lose an aspect  of yourself because you walk into a new timeline a   new person but you couldn't have got there without  that passivation yourself so you've got to honor   that and you've got to recognize that's part  of your story and still carry it with you yeah   um I mean my mom always says to me when you climb  to the top of the mountain you've always got to   look back and see where you've been because you  wouldn't have been at the top without being at   the bottom of this and I always think that's so  that's so interesting I try to do that often is   just look back on my own experiences the versions  of myself that I've been and I try to bring them   into my life now so they don't forget them but  also so that I can remember how much I've actually   shifted my life yeah yeah um and that's kind of  what I teach other people now so the woman that   I was talking to um she really had to recognize  who she had been in a life and the version of   herself and when we did that and we went back  and we were talking about the way that she would   act the mindset she had she realized so much about  herself now because she never looked back she just   completely disowned that aspect of herself and  so she was integrating so much in the now moment   like even stuff to do with their mom to do with  her dad like she just completely disassociated   from it and she brought so much Clarity into her  now moments so that she could build a path forward   for herself because she had all that information  from my past and I think it's such a big part of   your story to make sure you're still including  aspects um of you that you've kind of let go of   um so that you can have that Clarity  yeah because a lot of us try and   disregard like oh that that was the old me yeah  like it's like it's a negative thing so I think   that that perspective even if that part of you was  a really negative version of you or that part of   your life you just don't like to look back on it  served you for where you're at and when you're   trying to go yeah everything like we said is not  by coincidence and and I'm a big believer like   you can't have one thing without the other so  we can't have the top of the mountain without   the bottom yeah we can't have left without  right yeah can't have up without down we   can't live outside without inside that you  can't know what it's like to be called if   you've never been warm so when you're in those  dark places in life the only thing that's gonna   happen at some point is the opposite yeah and  when we're riding high and we're manifesting   like you said we can be drawing all these  things in but how life works is you could be   flying high and then something in your life can  just disrupt that and what you said before it's   about getting back to that energy because life's  circumstance is always going to come and you know   knock us off path whether we lose somebody  or a relationship or a pet dying something   is going to always hurt at some point and  maybe take you out of that magic and and   I believe we need to feel into those emotions  as well feel what's going on in in the system   but he's learning not to stay there for too long  it's learning to go right I'm going to take this   I'm gonna now move this into a magic Place  yeah and that was evidence last year you know   everything that happened with my dad is is led me  to be doing this and sitting here with you yeah   taking a negative into a positive yeah and even  at that time I was I was like this is difficult   but I know it's serving me I know it's here for  a reason it's happening to my dad but byproduct   that's happening to me as well so I think that's a  beautiful perspective and what what would you say   to people that are in the darkest depths where  if you said the word manifestation to them they   would run a mile officer so I don't I don't even  want to hear that thing when you have clients that   are probably that you've probably experienced that  are in that state where someone's recommended you   to them they see no hope they see no light what  is the first thing that you would get someone to   to kind of do whether that would be uh via words  or like physical things or you know cleaning the   space what are those small steps people can take  to get out of that really deep Funk so the first   thing that I would always recommend and it's  so hard to do but is it to accept where you're   at right and because someone can experience  so much grief because grief is just a lack   of acceptance and it's a natural part of life  but the level please please go back is a lack   of acceptance and it's purely because your mind  likes to always predict what's going to happen   and even when people pass away and you know  they're going to pass away like it's a prolonged   experience you still don't like to think about  it happening and even in relationships you know   people are cheated on and things like that you  never expect that to happen it's such a massive   shift but part of accepts that because you didn't  predict it first right and so if you're in this   point in your life right now where you're just  at the deepest darkest place you have to almost   accept where you're at because if you don't accept  where you're at you can't acknowledge how to move   forward it's almost it's almost like if you were  in in this room and the room is filling up with   water if you were to never accept it was filling  up with water you'd never find a way out you just   you know you just you need to accept where you're  at and the reason that I tell people to do that   is the the more you try to avoid your experiences  and you move out of them and you're like I don't   want to experience this this isn't natural I  don't like this the more you anchor them in   because there is a reason behind the experience  and it's not when I say that people always   you know immediately say Well it you know what  about these really bad moments in people's life   you can't say that that's just meant to be and  it's not that it's meant to be but it allows you   to access a new part of you that's the the goal  behind every experience the low moments the high   moments but the truth is in these low moments you  access more of yourself than you ever would have   you know had you not gone through it so my advice  to people is literally just accept where you're at   and then when you accept that I mean truly  accept it I mean for me I had my son at 19.   so that was a whole experience for me I was in  this really deep depression I was so desperate   to get out but I was also given up at the  same time because everything I did didn't work   and at one point I just got on my knees and I was  like Universe I will do whatever you want me to   do I give up like if you want me to go to Mexico  on my own and take a one-way ticket I'm I'm gone   like I was so done in that moment and that's  when the answers came because I surrendered to   the experience that's the big thing surrendering  and learning yeah and I I always teach people the   more you try and Claw out the whole you're in the  more you're going to miss the answers that are at   the bottom of this hole like if you're desperate  to get out you're missing the value and the   experience and it's so hard to say that if it's a  tough emotion that you're experiencing right now   but there's there's an aspect of you in this  experience that you are missing and I was going   to explain that to you before and you were  talking when I said to you you've got to go   out you've got to experience these these things  you've got to put yourself out there and connect   with new people it's it's almost like in every  moment in your life you're you're picking up a   key and you can unlock a box in your body and you  can access a new part of yourself every moment is   going to teach you more about yourself and so  these low moments will allow you to open the   key and access a new part of yourself and that's  what the shamans were referring to when they said   every person's going to experience the collapse of  your story of their story and that is the collapse   when you're in that deep dark hole and it's almost  like you could it's almost like when you look back   you can watch all of the belief systems all the  perspectives all of the things that you thought   were you just melt away because you you literally  just give up and the person that you're staring at   in the mirror you're like I don't even recognize  this because that's that's me that's I'm not all   of the things that I carried with me for so many  years that's me and if I can recognize that and   I can build on that and I can do something new  with that then I can make a beautiful life for   myself but it wasn't until I fully surrendered and  essentially gave up that the answers came because   I wasn't resisting it anymore I kind of I did not  didn't necessarily see the value in it and a lot   of people won't tell it out of the experience but  you've got to allow things to play out as they do   and don't resist it just take it Moment by moment  so if something's shifts in your life allow it   to be what it is and deal with it afterwards  but also trust yourself enough to know that   whatever is happening in your life you can you  can make it through like you've got to trust   yourself to take it one moment at a time and push  through that because we like to think of the big   picture and if you if you always think of the big  picture you're missing the tiny little moments   um throughout your life that are going to be  the thing that set you free anyway so my partner   um his cousin is really young and she's got three  kids under three and so she's she's pregnant at   the minute and she's like oh my God I don't know  what I'm gonna do and I'm like if you think about   having three kids under three at your age you  would collapse like that's so hard but when   you're in it you just take a moment by moment  and you get through it yeah if you were to take   yourself out all the time and think oh my God I'm  in this horrible situation and I'm depressed and   all of these things are going wrong you would just  give up but you've just got to take it Moment by   moment and allow things to play out as they do and  that's when the answers will come but it is that   surrender um but funnily enough when I figured  out energetically is that Creative Energy that   you were talking about before and being in that  high energy it's the same energy as surrendering   um and so that's what allows things to come in  is because you let go and you don't necessarily   trust whatever's coming in but you you don't  have any resistance to it and you just allow   things to be what they are and that's what  allows the answers to come in but it's that   initial I don't want to feel this I don't I want  to avoid this I don't want to be a part of this   experience that pushes all of that out and you  just sink deeper into it because you are just   closing the doors and all of the things that will  come to you in that experience when when what you   said then when you're creating for me creation if  I think about in terms of music when you let go in   that moment of creation is when the magic fully  comes when you're not being too in your head and   my friend jsd said it on the last one that's  making music when you get in that state that's   the closest is what you could say to being close  to God the universe when you snap out and you go   wow what was that that was incredible and it is  you get there by letting go and not overthinking   the idea and just letting it flow you know not  thinking about the outcome in six months when   you release this song no just be in the moment and  and flow with it I've never heard that perspective   as well those two Energies actually a very similar  surrendering and you know A Creative Energy so now   you've got my mind taken in in a way I've never  thought about it's because you move into your   body and you give like the Mind gives up like I'm  done I don't know what to do with this situation   I've thought about all the ways out they're not  working the Mind gives up so you're able to move   into your body yeah and that's what allows things  to come in the more that you think of a way out   you're just pushing that energy out so that's why  it's it's because you're feeling the experience   you're in and you're feeling the music or you're  feeling the creative behind the experiences that   you want to bring for people especially in this  podcast like you you're you're so in your body and   so I was explaining the other day that you know  an artist when they create they're not the pens   and the paper and the colors and all of these  things they know how to use them to create a   beautiful image and so you are not your body you  just need to know how to use your body to create   a beautiful life for yourself and part of that is  utilizing your body like moving in feeling things   and that's a big part of manifestation as well  is feeling things in your body before you even   experience it in your reality because again  you're taking back control over what you're   experiencing so when you surrender you are fully  submerging that experience allowing yourself to   feel it because when you feel things in your body  it's almost like you activate new part to yourself   yeah and that's when the answers come but it is  literally just moved moving into your body and   people forget that aspect of healing completely  yeah and when when you break these things down   there's nothing that's like sorry I don't I  don't get that say that again it is actually   really simple steps that we can take to shift  ourselves and work through things and the hardest   things you know emotions are so difficult when  we're going through you know really tough times   having to let go of something or  someone letting go of that and   one thing I've noticed is when when we're in  those times of either surrendering or letting   go which I suppose you could say maybe the  same thing but or similar or linked together   we're allowing space for new energy to come in  when we do that essentially if we're letting go of   something that doesn't serve us or a bad pattern  or a habit or a bad person or a friendship family   whoever it is whoever just creates that thing  inside you that you know isn't serving you when   you let go of that you invite new energy in and  that's when things that is manifestation that's   when things start to pop in your life things are  looking a bit better yeah and then you compound   that and snowball it and go with it one thing  I wanted to say to you today now I've met you   is to hear how you speak at the age you're at  in your life I'm just blown away I'm like if I   if I had this knowledge at 22. I'd be like I don't  even know yeah so it's it's to see someone online   meet them in person feel their energy opposite  you and hear how you speak and I can I can see   you're very in your power and now we've connected  and hopefully staking it too I'm excited to see   where you go like the next 10 years because I can  hear the shifts you will be creating in people's   lives and I'm sure the listeners are hearing that  today yeah so I just want to say a big thank you   for taking time trust in a stranger this is not  advice to everyone like trust strangers go and   meet random people for podcasts like make sure  that person is like legit and you know of of a   good mindset and it's gonna like you know look  after you so I just want to say thank you for   for trusting this what it was going to be and and  giving your time and energy to to the listeners   where can people find you and what you do  obviously Tick Tock yeah is a big one yeah   but I would say please go and tap into Chelsea  because you will find some absolute gems in the   content she's created where can people find you so  um on Instagram on Tick Tock and I don't really do   Facebook to be honest um but it's Chelsea dot  sacredactivation I think that's what's on Tick   Tock as well um but most of the things that I do  are online at the minute but the justice Bible   what type of work do you do with people online so  so people can get a sense of what that would look   like if they connected with you so at the minute  I'm doing a lot of online programs so it's like   master classes so either one day or there's  longer programs so at the end of April I'm   doing a seven day chakra intensive so I do things  like that where I will take you through a to z of   of all of the chakras all of the energy so you  understand your life a little bit more um and   then there's odd little master classes that I do  at the minute I do do Reiki so I will do like you   can discover what your blockages are and that's  just a one-off session um but apart from that it   is just the master classes and the the mini little  breakthroughs yeah sign me up I'm gonna come and   do you I'm gonna come and do something definitely  I'm gonna come and do some some work with you and   see what that looks like but thank you for this  today thank you for the opportunity I knew time   would fly by I feel like we could do this for like  another three hours but there's an open invite   whenever you want to come and do this again yeah  come and connect back with me and the people that   are listening as we're growing as well like-minded  individuals and the biggest thing I can ask to do   for you guys that are listening is if you've  enjoyed this and you know someone that might   benefit from it pass this energy on to somebody  else because the beautiful thing is I go back and   get to edit this and listen again and then when it  goes live I listen from a listener's perspective   and I get a whole new wave of information so if  you know anyone that's going to benefit from this   conversation with Chelsea please pass it on  remember no matter what you're going through   in life it's all about perspective like Chelsea  said it's all about moving from a new place A New   Perspective shifting energies to get back to place  where it feels like life is sound that's why I've   called this podcast like this sound like life is  good life is okay it's just even when you're in   the front shift that perspective and that'll get  you back to a better place so I appreciate you   today Chelsea thanks for coming and hopefully  we'll connect again in the future remember guys   no matter what you're going through life is good  life is sound and I'll see you on the next one