Life Is Sound

What If Friendship Didn't Exist?

October 17, 2022 Knew J Season 1 Episode 4
Life Is Sound
What If Friendship Didn't Exist?
Show Notes

Welcome back to Life Is Sound! 

Do you have that one friend or even multiple friends who have nudged you on to a path that changed your life forever? What if that friendship didn't exist? How different would your life be? Today we discuss the importance of friendship and how two peoples paths align and change and shape each others life as the years roll on.

Todays guest is Tim Cruz who shares 20+ years of friendship with James as they talk about their journey through life together, the ups and downs from mid teens to mid 30's and how one persons experiences can directly influence your own path both consciously and sub consciously. 

When was the last time you said thank you to your friend? We urge you to do that today and strengthen the bonds that are even more necessary throughout these testing times.

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